FPGA Daily News #032

02.03.2022 09:35

FPGA Daily News for 02-Mar-2022



  1. PolarFire® SoC FPGAs | Microchip Technology
  2. Getting Started with Alchitry CU
    From unboxing the Alchitry CU to Hello World using open source tools
  3. eFPGA LUTs Will Outship FPGA LUTs Later This Decade
    FPGAs have become a strategic technology. It used to be a “poor man’s ASIC” and provided a customized IC for lower-volume applications. While it is still used this way in many systems, it has also become strategically important to two very big, high-growth applications.
  4. 7 Reasons Why VLSI is a Good Career Choice
    For those who are interested in pursuing a career in the VLSI industry & keep wondering if VLSI a good career, let’s take a closer look.
  5. Lane Detection on FPGA Reference Application - File Exchange - MATLAB Central
    Learn how to implement a pixel-stream based lane detection algorithm in Simulink, and deploy it to a Speedgoat Simulink-Programmable FPGA.
  6. Silex Insight launches DDR encrypter for High-Performing Systems (ASIC/FPGA)
    Silex Insight, a leading provider of cryptographic IP solutions, is now extending their offering by launching a high throughput DDR encrypter (100Gbps). The DDR encrypter IP Core module enables on-the-fly encryption and authentication to the external memory.
  7. Curtiss-Wright Releases Highest-Performance 3U OpenVPX DSP Module  - Defense Advancement
    Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions has introduced the CHAMP-XD3, its highest performance, security-enhanced, 3U OpenVPX Digital Signal Processing (DSP) module, based on...
  8. FPGA Developer Survey
    This survey is conducted by Oron Port (https://www.linkedin.com/in/oron-port/), a postdoctoral student at Cornell Tech researching FPGA accessibility, usage, and areas of improvement for professionals, students, and hobbyists. ----- This survey is anonymous, but you may enter your full name, email address, and country at the end to participate in a raffle for a $100 Amazon Gift Card, as a thank you for filling this survey. In total, there are 16 questions that will take about 10 minutes to complete. Thank you so much for being a part of this research!
  9. LDA Technologies | LDA Orion Series
  10. 120MXS 120 MP CMOS Sensor Evaluation Kit - Canon Industrial Sensors
    120MXS 120 MP CMOS Sensor Evaluation Kit from canon-cmos-sensors.com
  11. Hardware-as-Code Part III: Space vs Time - Hackster.io
    Multi-part tutorial series teaching makers and software developers how to implement algorithms in hardware with only C/C++. By Scott Thibault.
  12. Double tap on PYNQ: a low cost gesture recognition - MakarenaLabs
    The goal of this article is to implement our version of double tap on FPGA that is easy to integrate, intuitive and adaptable.
  13. EETimes - eFPGA LUTs Will Outship FPGA LUTs Later This Decade
    FPGA used to be a "poor man's ASIC," but today FPGA technology is strategically important for cloud data centers and communications systems
  14. CAES Collaborates with Lattice Semiconductor to Provide Radiation-Tolerant FPGAs for Distributed Satellite Computing Applications | CAES
    CAES and Lattice Semiconductor Corporation, the low power programmable FPGA leader, announce today an agreement whereby CAES will qualify and sell radiation-tolerant Lattice FPGAs for space and satellite applications.
  15. New Benetel 7.2x 5G OpenRAN RU Addresses Growing Private & Public Network Opportunities – Benetel

  16. Groq Acquires Dataflow Systems Pioneer Maxeler Technologies
    /PRNewswire/ -- Dataflow systems pioneer Maxeler joins Groq on its mission to advance the next era of compute for artificial intelligence (AI), machine...
  17. AMD closes record chip industry deal with estimated $50 billion purchase of Xilinx | Reuters
    Semiconductor designer Advanced Micro Devices Inc (AMD) said on Monday it has finalized the purchase of Xilinx Inc in a record chip industry deal valued at about $50 billion, giving it an extra edge in the key data center market.
  18. Low Latency Market Access & Risk Management for APAC | Raptor
    Raptor provides normalized FPGA market access for onboarding the highest-value order flows with comprehensive risk management and managed services.
  19. intel/hexl-fpga: Intel Homomorphic Encryption Acceleration Library for FPGAs, including open source implementation of FPGA kernels for accelerating NTT, INTT, Keyswitch and Dyadic Multiplication modular arithmetic operations, FPGA runtime, and host APIs for connecting to third-party homomorphic encryption libraries.
    Raptor provides normalized FPGA market access for onboarding the highest-value order flows with comprehensive risk management and managed services.
  20. CAST and Achronix Expand Partnership to Deliver Secure FPGA Solutions
    Get semiconductor IP news from hundreds of top IP vendors and foundries.
  21. Prototype and Adjust a Deep Learning Network on FPGA Video - MATLAB & Simulink
    Use FPGA prototyping of deep learning in MATLAB to quickly iterate and converge on a deep learning network that meets your application requirements.

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