FPGA Daily News #039

01.09.2022 09:28

Первые осенние FPGA новости

  1. Performance Comparison of Database Server based on SoC FPGA and ARM Processor | IEEE Conference Publication | IEEE Xplore
    New emerging storage technologies have a great application for IoT systems. Running database servers on development boards, such as Raspberry or FPGA, has a great impact on effective performance when using large amounts of data while serving requests from many clients at the same time. In this paper, we designed and implemented an embedded system to monitor the access of a database using MySql database server installed on Linux in a standard FPGA DE10 with HPS resources. The database is designed to keep the information of an IoT system in charge of monitoring and controlling the temperature inside greenhouses. For comparison purposes, we carried out a performance analysis of the database service running on the FPGA and in a Raspberry Pi 4 B to determine the efficiency of the database server in both development cards. The performance metrics analyzed were response time, memory and CPU usage taking into account scenarios with one or more requests from clients simultaneously.
  2. MicroZed Chronicles: Memory Scrubbing
    One of the great things about the BRAM in Xilinx FPGAs is its ability to implement error correcting codes (ECC) on the data stored within. If you remember, we’ve looked at ECC codes in BRAM in a previous blog. The key element of the ECC is that only output data word is corrected, BUT not the corrupted word stored in the memory address. Additionally, while a single-bit error can be corrected, a double-bit error would result in the word being uncorrectable. We can run what is called a scrubbing al
  3. Intel launches Pathfinder development kit for RISC-V
    Intel launched the Pathfinder development kit for RISC-V on August 30 to transform the way SOC architects and system software developers define new products.
  4. Codasip joins Intel Pathfinder for RISC-V program - Codasip
    If you thought you had to be a superhero to design a leading-edge processor core, think again. Codasip design tools and IP will enable you to design the best!
  5. 3rd Workshop on DevOps support for Cloud FPGA platforms | cFDevOps22
    3rd Workshop on DevOps support for Cloud FPGA platforms at FPL 2022
  6. Chassis Managers and System on Module - WABGM0 & WABGM2
    Chassis Managers are VITA 46.11 conformant and SOSA-aligned, with a MPSoC UltraScale+ FPGA
  7. Rapid Silicon’s Raptor Software Out-Performs All EDA Tools in the Industry | Business Wire
    Rapid Silicon, a provider of AI and intelligent edge focused FPGAs based on open-source technology, today announced its commercial open-source FPGA ED
  8. FlashCore V3 Enables IBM’s Storage Differentiation
    Senior Analyst, Storage & Data, Steve McDowell, dives in as while nearly every one of IBM's storage competitors delivers products based on commodity SSDs, IBM builds its storage technology around its intelligent FlashCore Module. FlashCore is at the heart of what makes IBM’s FlashSystem line unique.
  9. AI Hardware - YouTube
    There are many different types of hardware that can accelerate ML computations - CPUs, GPUs, TPUs, FPGAs, ASICs, and more. Listen to this tech talk for an ov...
  10. European tech in Intel’s RISC-V Pathfinder dev kit - eeNews Europe
    Intel has used significant amounts of European technology in its Pathfinder RISC-V development kit from Codasip, ST and Crypto Quantique
  11. Capgemini Accelerates O-RAN Development of 5G NR Wireless Communication System with Arria 10 FPGA - MATLAB & Simulink
    Capgemini built an O-RAN emulator in MATLAB and Simulink to integrate, test, and validate 5G NR communication systems on an Intel Arria FPGA 10 board.
  12. (PDF) FPGA Based Control Strategy of Five-Phase Induction Motor Drives
    PDF | In this paper proposed, a novel control technique for Five-Phase Induction Motor (FPIM) drives using a field-programmable gate array (FPGA)... | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate
  13. GitHub - bnicola/SimpleX: An attempt to design a complete functioning processor and it's assembler and OOP compiler
    An attempt to design a complete functioning processor and it's assembler and OOP compiler - GitHub - bnicola/SimpleX: An attempt to design a complete functioning processor and it's assemble...
  14. Meet Ross Freeman, Inventor of the First FPGA - Fusion 360 Blog
    Although his life was cut tragically short, Ross Freeman accomplished incredible things in his life, including inventing the first FPGA.
  15. A flexible FPGA development board with RISC-V SoC capabilities is called Dragon Li's Bajiu Lite.
    The Bajiu Lite, an open-source development board with an embedded RISC-V system-on-chip (SoC), is being prepared for release by FPGA specialist Dragon
  16. FPGA project 04 Part1 - Hamming FPGA error detection and correction - YouTube
    Part1 - Verilog tutorial and Modelsim testbenchLet's implement a Hamming code Single Error Correction Double Error Detection (SECDED) circuit using Verilog!T...
  17. FPGA Roofline Modelling in Visual SLAM Poster Presentation | FPL Conference 2022 - YouTube
    The constantly increasing demands of embedded applications and the slowing of Moore’s law have led to the proliferation of hardware accelerators in the embed...
  18. GateMate FPGA First Look - YouTube
    The GateMate is a new FPGA from a German company, Cologne Chip.Let's see what their eval board and tutorials offer!Discord: https://discord.gg/k9BYa9VrR3Twit...
  19. Cygnus - World First Multi-Hybrid Accelerated Cluster with GPU and FPGA Coupling - YouTube
    Paper presented at the 2nd International Workshop on Deployment and Use of Accelerators (DUAC). Co-located with the 51st International Conference on Parallel...
  20. Embedded Systems Design with Platform FPGAs part 1 - YouTube
    Embedded Systems Design with Platform FPGAsembedded systems conceptsprogramming hardware and softwarechallenges that embedded system designers face FPGA ch...
  21. FPGA Implementation of the Adaptive Digital Beamforming for Massive Array - YouTube
    FPGA Implementation of the Adaptive Digital Beamforming for Massive Array | With the rise of 5G networks and the increasing number of communication devices, ...
  22. GRCon20 - FPGA Partial Reconfiguration in Software Defined Radio Devices - YouTube
    Presented by Convers Anthony at GNU Radio Conference 2020https://gnuradio.org/grcon20
  23. AnDAPT adds PMICs for Xilinx UltraScale+ FPGAs: embedded
    AnDAPT releases custom power delivery products for AMD-Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ and Xilinx Artix UltraScale+ FPGA and adaptive SoC families.
  24. FPGA Design Fundas 0.2: The Need For Simulation Verification & Integration Testing – Tech Blog
  25. FPGA Technology Enables Industry 4.0 & 5.0
    FPGA Technology Enables Industry 4.0 & 5.0 through AI/ML Acceleration
  26. Cycuity | Fact Sheet | Radix Automated Security Verification
    Cycuity’s Radix technology adds systematic hardware vulnerability detection and prevention to existing ASIC, SoC, and FPGA verification methodologies using its comprehensive information flow analysis technology.
  27. SoC.one Cloud Accelerates Adoption within Intel Pathfinder for RISC-V Ecosystem
    /PRNewswire/ -- SoC.one Inc., a leading provider of cloud-native System on Chip (SoC) design enablement, today announced support for Intel® Pathfinder for...
  28. AMD Previews 400 Gig Adaptive SmartNIC SOC at Hot Chips
    Fresh from finalizing its acquisitions of FPGA provider Xilinx (Feb. 2022) and DPU provider Pensando (May 2022), AMD previewed what it calls a 400 Gig
  29. A (mostly) free FPGA Development workflow for macOS
    For better or worse I'm a macOS user. I enjoy its Unix likeness and thoughtful user experience. However, one area it lacks is FPGA development. Major vendors simply have no support for it, forcing users to rely on virtual machine environments or migrate to a different supported platform. However, with
  30. 3rd Workshop on DevOps support for Cloud FPGA platforms | cFDevOps22
    3rd Workshop on DevOps support for Cloud FPGA platforms at FPL 2022
  31. Efinix, Inc. | Efinity Software - v2022.1
  32. KRIA Robotic Starter Kit - Robotic Arm - Hackster.io
    How to create a Robotic Arm under the control of the new KRIA Robotic Starter Kit By Adam Taylor.
  33. Andes Technology Corp. Announces Its Contribution To The Intel Pathfinder For RISC-V
    AndesCore™ AX45MP 64-bit Multicore Processor and NX27V 64-bit Vector Processor, Both with AXI-based AE350 Platform, Are Available in Intel® FPGA Based Pre-silicon Development Tools.

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