FPGA Daily News #017

24.01.2022 07:30

Find something interesting about FPGA in FPGA Daily Mews digest #017 (24-jan-2022)

  1. Porting incompressible flow matrix assembly to FPGAs for accelerating HPC engineering simulations | IEEE Conference Publication | IEEE Xplore
  2. Implementation of NLOS based FPGA for distance estimation of elderly using indoor wireless sensor networks - ScienceDirect
  3. Основы статического временного анализа. Часть 2.2: System Synchronous Output Delay Constraint. - Общее - Разное - Каталог статей - FPGA-Systems
  4. FPGA Video AI deployment – From platform creation to AI deployment - Part 1
  5. TE0865-02-FBE23MA • Sundance.com
  6. Deploying Link™ Capture for Financial Applications
  7. Project Ember | Hackaday.io
  8. Programmable Photonics - Wim Bogaerts - Stanford - YouTube
  9. FPGA Debug | Capture Gigabytes. At Speed.
  10. Prototype and Adjust a Deep Learning Network on FPGA Video - MATLAB & Simulink
  11. What is FPGA Zynq UltraScale+ with MPSoC? | Acromag
  12. How Microchip FPGAs Can Improve Productivity in Motor Control Applications Using C++ with HLS | Microchip Technology
  13. Industry's First COTS Mezzanine with 64 GSps ADC/DAC Sample Rates Is Introduced by Annapolis Micro Systems - Annapolis Micro Systems, Inc.
  14. Intel’s FPGA Day Unveils 3 Collabs to Create More FPGA-based IPU Designs - News
  15. VHDL Generics – electgon
  16. Basys3 Oscilloscope - Hackster.io
  17. lvgl/lv_port_mps3_an547_cm55: A LVGL porting for Cortex-M55 running on an Arm official FPGA prototyping development board called MPS3 (AN547), see Figure 1. It is also possible to run the project template on an emulator called Corstone-300-FVP, which is free. Topics Resources
  18. JLPEA | Free Full-Text | CORDIC Hardware Acceleration Using DMA-Based ISA Extension
  19. Microcontroller in FPGA? This is how to do it ... | Step by Step Tutorial | Adam Taylor - YouTube
  20. ken-system: FPGA Implementation of Scalable Fully Coupled Annealing Processing Sysytem by Using Multi-chip Operation

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