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FPGA Daily News #007

17.12.2021 03:40

A few news from 16-Dec-2021 with FPGA.

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  1. HAFLANG - Hardware Acceleration of Functional Languages
  2. Connecting FPGAs to MATLAB via UDP - Hackster.io
  3. Download PDF Brochure - FPGA Market Size, Share and Trends Forecast to 2026 | MarketsandMarkets™
  4. Selecting the right software defined radio solution for your application - Embedded.com
  5. inVisionDays: Day2-Sensor to Image Off the shelf FPGA IPcores for cameras & embedded vision (V143ET) - YouTube
  6. OSFPGA – Open Source FPGA Foundation
  7. Intel oneAPI: A Unified, Cross-Architecture Performance Programming Model for CPUs and Accelerators - YouTube
  8. PCIe Gen5 Interface Demo Running on a Speedster7t FPGA - SemiWiki
  9. FMC-QSFP - FMC Daughter Cards - Daughter Cards - Emulation & Prototyping - Products - Aldec
  10. Intel's Next Generation FPGAs 224 Gbps-PAM4-LR Transceiver Video
  11. Wireless Prototyping and Production Development Essentials
  12. GOWIN Automotive-grade FPGAs Pass SAIC's 2500h Heat
  13. FMC HDMI Daughter Card - Intel | Mouser
  14. Products of the Week: December 13, 2021 | Electronic Design
  15. Exostiv Blade – Managing Multiple sites, targets and users
  16. How to Overcome the Pain Points of AI/ML Hardware Webinar
  17. Introduction to FPGA Part 5 - Finite State Machines | Digi-Key Electronics - YouTube
  18. intel/hexl-fpga: Intel Homomorphic Encryption Acceleration Library for FPGAs, including open source implementation of FPGA kernels for accelerating NTT, INTT, and Dyadic Multiplication modular arithmetic operations, FPGA runtime, and APIs for connecting to third-party homomorphic encryption libraries.

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