FPGA Daily News #023

01.02.2022 07:39

Are you sure you didn't miss these FPGA news? 01-Feb-2022

  1. What is an FPGA and what do not mention in video tutorials for beginners
  2. Multi-hetero Acceleration by GPU and FPGA for Astrophysics Simulation on oneAPI Environment | hgpu.org
  3. FPGA Video AI deployment – From platform creation to AI deployment - Part 1
  4. The Analogue Pocket, reviewed. Finally.
  5. Solid Sands' SuperTest to Help SiFive Advance RISC-V - Embedded Computing Design
  6. Lattice SupplyGuard
  7. Netnod goes live with Arista FPGA implementation of Network Time Security (NTS) | Netnod
  8. Introduction to FPGA Part 12 - RISC-V Custom Peripheral | Digi-Key Electronics - YouTube
  9. EETimes - AMD Acquisition of Xilinx Heats Up Competition with Intel
  10. tinyML Talks Pakistan: FFConv: An FPGA-based Accelerator for Fast Convolution Layers in... - YouTube
  11. Cloud Multimedia Solutions | Softnautics
  12. Behind the Scenes: Expanding the Siemens IC Verification Portfolio with Veloce proFPGA
  13. 56 Gbps PAM4 Performance in FPGA Applications -- Samtec and Mouser Electronics - YouTube
  14. CAES Collaborates with Lattice Semiconductor to Provide Radiation-Tolerant FPGAs for Distributed Satellite Computing Applications | Business Wire
  15. TinyML Strikes Out to Improve Memory Performance and Ease FPGA Design - News
  16. EETimes - Seeing Machines Might Be the Next Arm
  17. Image Processing for Engineering and Science | Coursera
  18. Driver Assistance and ADAS
  19. The Future of Embedded FPGAs — eFPGA: The Proof is in the Tape Out - Circuit Cellar
  20. Environment-in-the-Loop Verification of Automotive Radar IC Designs - MATLAB & Simulink



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