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FPGA Daily News #027

07.02.2022 10:36

Hey! This is Daily FPGA :)  07-Feb-2022

  1. Building Multipurpose Systems With Dynamic Function Exchange
  2. What are LUT's, FF's, DSP's and BRAM's in an FPGA?
  3. The Achronix Integrated 2D NoC Enables High-Bandwidth Designs (WP028) | Achronix Semiconductor Corporation
  4. Getting Started With Digilent Cmod S7 FPGA And Xilinx Vivado 2021.2 - YouTube
  5. Basys3 Oscilloscope - Hackster.io
  6. CAES Collaborates with Lattice Semiconductor to Provide Radiation-Tolerant FPGAs for Distributed Satellite Computing Applications | CAES
  7. Xilinx Works From The Edge Towards Datacenters With Versal FPGA Hybrids
  8. FPGA Programming and its Cost Comparison
  9. Introducing the VCK5000 Versal™ Development Card for Superior AI Inference
  10. Verification engineers: framework for efficient execution of any task - Let's Start Learning
  11. How to estimate and why no one taught us how to do it - Let's Start Learning
  12. Semiconductor Engineering LPHP 01/13/2022 -
  13. Lattice Radiant
  14. VHDL codes for FPGA programming are shown.
  15. What are the FPGA processors for which AMD wants to spend 35 billion dollars? - pacificwestairways.com
  16. PCIe* Intel® FPGA IP
  17. The Many Flavors of Equivalence Checking: Part 6, FPGA-focused Equivalency Checking Flows | Verification Horizons
  18. 030 - Floating-Point FPGA Limiter (2) | RTL Audio Lab
  19. Getting Started with SP701 in Vivado 2021.2 - Hackster.io
  20. eFPGA Saved Us Millions of Dollars. It Can Do the Same for You
  21. Getting Started with SP701 in Vivado 2021.2 - Hackster.io
  22. How FPGAs help advance and protect your A&D design
  23. Iterative Design Approach of ML Accelerators FPGA-based RISC-V Core
  24. Netnod goes live with Arista FPGA implementation of Network Time Security (NTS) | Netnod
  25. Intel Agilex Processor Efficiently Processes 8K/60p Video - 8K Association
  26. Efinix: Providing High Performance and Reconfigurable FPGAs for Meeting Computing Demands of Mainstream Applications
  27. Simulating and downloading a PIC circuit to Intel FPGA boards using TINA - YouTube
  28. Multi-hetero Acceleration by GPU and FPGA for Astrophysics Simulation on oneAPI Environment | hgpu.org
  29. Open Camera Concept | LinkedIn

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